IMPROVE your profitability

In real time to meet the business demands and your decisions by implementing an advanced routing solution to enhance customer experience, improve products offerings and streamlined the operation.

Advanced Routing Module (ARA) managed the Switch and the routing resources of the network.

An intuitive and simple powerful Graphic User Interface provides access to ARA where all functionality is available in a comprehensive view of real-time routing.

The GUI allows the user to configure, operate and maintain the “routing tables”, and supports the creation of operation and maintenance routines to simplify the decision-making processes.

The ARA manages the routing resources per customer and destination and can be configured in two ways:

  •   Manual Traffic Management: Based on a combination of LCR and percentage of the traffic.
  •   Automatic Traffic Management: Dynamic routing to assure quality products defined by customers.  ARA utilizes a proprietary algorithm that assigns a quality value per route and provider based on the time of the day, bilateral commitments, ASR, ALOC and profit.


  •   Combination of LCR and automatic routing scheme based on products, Quality of Service and profit.
  •   Route creation and edition through dragging & dropping carriers to/from the route.
  •   Route look up by number or destination.
  •   Configurable re-routing depending on the call disconnection cause
  •   Unlimited number of codes and routes handling.
  •   Client validation
  •   Gateway list and Sip proxy enable
  •   Digit (ANI/DNI) manipulation.
  •   Pre-translation, translation and post-translation tables management
  •   Parameterization by relevance.
  • Secure user administration management