Sonoc’ Anti-Fraud Alarms

Alarms sound when increases in traffic volumes to destinations outside the customer’s normal traffic pattern are detected.

Alarms sound when detection of a 10% increase in call duration from calls received by customer is reached.

Alarms sound when on average when more than 10% of a customer’s call experiences a 50% increase within the hour over the average ACD measurement.

ANI’s DNI Criteria

  When repeated ANI appears with low ASR coming from the same supplier.

  When ANI and/or DNI numbers are repeated more than 4 times in an hour with a duration higher than 8 minutes.

  Duplicated calls using the same number for origination and termination of a call.

  ANIs & DNIs registering more than 60 minutes within a 3 hour period.

Supplier Detection

  Suppliers registering higher statistics over pre-defined parameters for a given destination as compared to others.

  Suppliers that continuously are repeat offenders to the analysis mentioned above.