Sonoc prides itself on its development and deployment of its Anti-Fraud services. Its Fraud prevention services provide a seamless fraud solution by combining early detection of fraud activities and real-time blocking of traffic to maximize rapid response. It requires prior analysis to systematically monitor customer activity, business relationships and on-net transactions or processes.

When suspicious traffic is detected and meets the thresholds established, the system will dynamically configure the SBC to stop or degrade the traffic within minutes.

The  real-time  detection  protects  revenue  losses by  collecting data on  a  range of  actionable  metrics  which is  stored in  a database. This information is  analyzed to  provide  real-time  feed of  current  threats  and  traffic  patterns.  The  process  generates alarms,  notifications,  historical  analysis,  real-time  traffic  reports and segmented data for greater precise measurements.

Detection & Prevention Platform

Sonoc’ Fraud  Detection  Services  provides  operators  a  strategic  advantage  needed to  stop  mobile  fraud.  Our experience  and proven results to  stop  SIM  Box  fraud and other  mobile  fraud  techniques, has  provided Sonoc  with  a sounding track record & experience for customers to realize the assurance of a secure network.

Operators  worldwide  are  experiencing  revenue  loss,  high  customer  churn  and  degraded  customer  quality of experience due to advances in mobile fraud. Sonoc’ platform combats the following fraud techniques:

  •   SIM Box Elimination
  •   International Revenue Share Fraud (IRSF)
  •   Prepaid Charging Abuse
  •   Intermarket Bypass Fraud
  •   Tromboning (Reverse Bypass Fraud)

These fraud actions decrease customer churn rate & generates immediate revenue increase when a fraud operation is shut down.