MAXIMIZE your business

by leveraging a powerful platform that allows you automatizing control process and providing accurate information in real time allowing optimized arrangements and commitments with customers and providers.

Flexible Billing Module (FBM) provides volumes and billing-related data for incoming and outgoing traffic. It allows users to consult historical and daily data used by the platform to create reports, traffic reports and invoices.

FBM is accessed via an easy and straightforward Web User Interface placing you into daily operations and management routines and functionalities that allow you to decide promptly, and decide adequately in any given event.

FBM consolidates mediation process utilizing a rules-based engine and proven architecture to capture CDRs, compiled from the switch or switches you have deployed in your network and storage it for processing.

All the data is processed and represented to you with a graphic summary of general data regarding every resource you need to understand in detail your business performance versus your traffic volumes.

  •   The revenues, according to the type of voice traffic.
  •   The countries displaying the highest profits on the destination.
  •   The evolution of the monthly revenue and volumes of minutes.

FBM provide broad reporting customization capabilities to understand in detail your business performance versus the traffic volumes. Some examples of the custom reports are:

  •   Clients report: This report summarizes performance in terms of traffic volume, income, and profit.
  •   Providers report: Used to analyze traffic termination expenses.
  •   Destination report: advanced logical search data by destination and area code.
  •   Bilateral agreement: live follow up of agreements evolution with existing customers.
  •   Rates report: A list of rates per destination and area codes.

Main features

  •   Client and Provider account management.
  •   Area Code Management.
  •   Credit Management, Automatic Cut-off and Balance offset.
  •   Manual load rating and automatic validation.
  •   ARU, automatic rates upload system
  •   Automatic invoicing.
  •   Rebilling procedure mode.
  •   Variable rates mode basis of volume.
  •   Unlimited number of codes and carriers handling.
  •   Highly flexible, configurable and scalable solution.
  •   User profile based on a role and permission security.
  •   Email alerts for rate changes and credit limit.


  •   Area code by customers, providers and internal codes.
  •   Revenue generation by Client/Provider.
  •   Combination of destination and area code.
  •   Bilateral agreements follow up.
  •   Mediation report of calls and CDRs files.
  •   Customer qualification capabilities.
  •   Data range comparison.

The information can be exported in CSV, Excel or Xml format.