GET smart dynamism

that is required to compete in a complex and competitive environment. It is crucial to respond quickly to performance or commercial challenges or to take advantage of business opportunities as soon as they arise.

Sonoc introduces a Business Dashboard Application (BDA), a new warehouse execution model designed for real-time efficiency, combining high performance data discovery, analysis, reporting and dashboard.

Traffic quality visibility allows commercial managers to stay updated and to have rapid access to critical business information for decision making. Technical managers leverage in this application to complement the troubleshooting process.

The BDA provides new insights into traffic, quality and business performance highlighting trends with comparable data enabling operators to quickly identify urgent KPI call action.

Reports and dashboards can be accessed from any smartphone device or tablet ensuring that sales, finance and operations have access to the essential reports from any location at any time.




• Report generation for Incoming/Outgoing carriers.

• Report generation per destination or country (dial codes).

• Report generation per trunk.

• Combination of volume and quality scheme tables generation.

• Custom report and graph generation per date, destination and/or carrier.

• Call lookup capabilities.

• Data range comparison.

• Average data presentation.

• Unlimited number of codes and carriers handling. Highly flexible and scalable solution.

• User profile based on a predetermined hierarchy.