At SONOC, we’re seeking people who are interested in developing professionally in a telecommunications sector company with great potential in both the domestic and international markets. We’re seeking people that are business-oriented, technical, dynamic, innovative, collaborative and committed day after day. They provide added value to the workplace, to the customer and to society.

People who can envision a future with SONOC.

At SONOC we’re always in the process of seeking out talented people who are ready to take on new challenges and an opportunity for growth and professional development in a business with a present and a future.

If you are considering advancing your career in the Telecommunications industry and you believe that you’re the type of person we’re describing, send your resume here.

UX/UI Architect - Front End Architect

Do you want to work for SONOC, our Development Department?: we are looking for a UX/UI Architect - Front End Architect.