Telecommunications stakeholders worldwide have to come to understand the necessity to monitor, and gather reliable information about, the ever-expanding data communication services. This is especially true of the services offered by Over-the-Top (OTT) providers, which often cause the traditional telecom operators to lose revenue.

Systems aiming to monitor the data traffic in a given country are already available to industry players, but SONOC is offering a solution that was designed to meet the specific needs and requirements when it comes to effectively supervising, managing and harnessing this traffic.

SONOC’s solution, the Over-the-Top Application Monitoring System, promotes transparency and compliance within the data communication ecosystem, by providing with comprehensive and accurate information regarding the usage, quality of service and respect for the related regulations in connection with both traditional and OTT data services.

Advantages Over-the-Top Application Monitoring System

Real-time collection and analysis of the KPIs relating to the data traffic

Monitors the QoS relating to the IP and data traffic

Ensures compliance with the relevant policies and regulation

Enables the accurate and systematic billing of the OTT providers, in accordance with the regulations in place, thus effectively addressing the telecom operators’ revenue loss issue associated with the increasing consumption of OTT services

Better informs the decision-making processes related to the management of the data traffic