Today’s Voice Market Demands a New Approach

To be successful in the Voice market, you have to change your strategy. A succesful Carrier in today’s competitive market cannot use the same technologies and processes while expecting different results. There are opportunities for Carriers to grow their profitability, create new efficiency and optimise their businesses for this new era in Voice.

The market is only in decline for organisations that refuse to change.

  • Maximise Your Potential in a New Era of Voice

    Solving challenges in the Voice market to enable long-term sustainability, profitability and success.

  • The SONOC Platform

    Seamlessly integrating OSS/BSS & Switching architecture to simplify, accelerate and reduce costs for Carriers to manage and deliver Voice services.

  • OSS/BSS, Switching & Anti-Fraud Solutions

    A comprehensive platform with proven scalability, reliability and flexibility.

  • Continual Innovation Through Collaboration

    Delivering simple, powerful and user-centric solutions through iteration, optimisation and listening to customers.

Our solution

SONOC’s Platform is a state-of-the-art OSS/BSS solution which helps customers to evolve their business. A full featured solution that enables users to quickly and efficiently manage and optimise their Voice business with less resources, complexity and cost.

Our platform is comprised of different modules to monitor traffic flows, improve routing, automate rate upload and control fraud to ensure the profitability of voice services, and delivers business intelligence that supports planning, management and optimisation while increasing visibility.

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Why Choose the SONOC Platform?
  • A Comprehensive End to End & Flexible Platform

    Our platform brings together all of the tools and modules required to be successful in a new era in Voice, with the ability to customise to your specific needs.

  • Seamless Integration & Automation

    We make moving beyond legacy technologies and processes simple with an end-to-end automated platform for maximising your potential in the Voice industry.

  • User-Friendly by Design

    We give you rapid access to Best-in-Class solutions with a simple and user-friendly interface, making it easy to optimise your Voice business.

  • Continually Evolving & Adapting

    Our platform was built for users by users. We listen to your needs and will continually add new features and functionalities to benefit your business.

  • Management & Intelligence on the Go

    Users can monitor performance and view traffic reports in real-time via SONOC’s mobile application. Continually evolving to enable routing control and other business management functionalities in this mobile world.