Choose your level of automation with SONOC.

According to KPMG, Intelligent Automation typically results in cost savings of 40% to 75%, with the payback ranging from several months to several years. Carriers of all sizes recognize the opportunity presented by automation, but often struggle to implement it in their businesses quickly and efficiently.

Do you want to immediately increase the level of automation in your voice and messaging business? Our platform enables you to automate processes, scale your operations and move with greater agility.

How do we make Automated Rate Upload possible?

Automatic Rates Upload (ARU) is a SONOC module that receives, validates and automatically uploads provider rate submissions into the billing platform.


Once uploaded through the ARU module, providers’ rates are propagated throughout the SONOC's system. Routing is revised, the billing module is updated and rates are entered into bilateral deals when required.

The ARU module enables advanced code mapping so all rates are eligible for routing. Take advantage of provider code mismatches rather than negating opportunities due to defensive pricing.