Sonoc has invested in Research and Development know-How in creating the preventive tools and services needed to identify and combat these fraudulent practices. The Network Security Audit helps Wholesale Fraud Managers to face the challenges including FAS (False Answer Supervision) Bypass, Arbitrage, Traffic Pumping, Tromboning and more. It Also assists the Wholesale Fraud Management unit when handling disputes between carriers resulting from fraud which requires access to detail traffic information. Through Sonoc’s Network Security Audit, a process of non-intrusive auditing most of which is done without the need for MNO’s technical staff or facility access. Sonoc will review and analyze the customer’s network security profile. Sonoc will translate the complex technical data into clear business risk statements, enable the leadership team to make the appropriate business decisions and follow GSMA standard network security.

Phase 1: Short Analysis Initial Network Security Profile Assessment & Report

Phase 2: Connect with Network Department Technical Review & Advanced Network Security Audit

Phase 3: On-going Audits and Verifications Verification Audit & Security Risk Mitigations