Take control of OBR in 5 steps.

(A-Number) or Origin Based Rating (OBR) is not a new concept but it's time to take control, raise your margin and stem the tide of disputes and losses.

SONOC can help you to proactively mitigate OBR losses with control and visibility down to the destination and network. In five simple steps, you can:

  1. Create customized OBR zones.
  2. Set specific OBR routing for clients with real-time implementation.
  3. Process provider rates.
  4. Issue customer rates.
  5. Mitigate OBR disputes.
We make this complex problem simple to overcome.

Our OBR solution is available via the SONOC platform. It is combined with other features such as automated rate upload, advanced routing and fraud control to ensure the profitability of your voice services. The solution delivers business intelligence that supports planning, management and optimization while increasing visibility into your organization.

Don’t let surcharges, penalties and disputes reduce your margins. Book a quick call to discuss your options for increasing margin and mitigating OBR losses.