A robocall is a self-generated phone call that uses a computerized autodialer to deliver a pre-recorded message, asif from a robot.

Sonoc has:

  •   Access to hundreds of suppliers.
  •   Market intelligence to know where the traffic is.
  •   Pricing analysis of suspicious routes to sell below market price.
  •   Using this information, test systems are configured to detect illegal routes.
  •   Calls can be generated to a Sonoc gateway installed on the client facilities.
  •   The customer must provide the SIM cards to Sonoc for testing.
  •   Sonoc will generate calls to the client SIM cards.
  •   Sonoc will present daily reports and analysis about the generated calls.
  •   Generated calls from the client will be routed to the destiny network via Sonoc.
  •   CDRs Exchange to the client network.
  •   Use of market intelligence to identify the origin of this fraudulent traffic.