•   More than 60% of international calls terminate on mobile networks. End to end VoIP calls accounts for more than 20% of global voice traffic of witch 70% of international VoIP calls are estimated to be routed via SIM boxes.
  •   The Sonoc SIM Box Locator service aims to detect the fraud related MSISDNs and prevent them from being used for further bypass activity. By contracting to the Sonoc SIM Box Locator service, one is able to detect, defend and deter bypass activity. The detection is done by using a sophisticated test call application which can simulate international calls from around the world. The results are traced via a probe installed in the client’s network and immediate analysis of results is reported back to the client. The client can defend itself from the MSISDNs identified on its network by blocking them thus preventing them from continued use for bypass activities.

We help customers to identify SIM Boxes terminating traffic to the network illegally via fixed, mobile network calling cards or through VoIP routes. The service is designed to continuously monitor the fraudulent actions and will adapt detection methods to eventually deter SIM box operations.

  •   The Real Time Detection solution identifies SIM boxes on a real time basis and shares relevant records effectively, so that one can cut corresponding SIM cards immediately.
  •   Guarantees stop of revenue losses with very limited input from clients staff
  •   SIM boxes are detected with in minutes and reported in ‘real time’