Today’s Voice and Messaging market demands a new approach

The telecom industry has radically changed. Wholesale has some unique needs that make a generic solution unsuitable for this market. Our goal is to provide every carrier the necessary tools to improve their voice and messaging operations.

The market is only in decline for organizations that refuse to change.

  • Tools to improve Voice & Messaging operations

    We enable carriers, MNOs and service providers to optimize the management of their interconnect voice and messaging business.

  • Switching & OSS/BSS

    Set of hardware and software components that provides the functionality for managing every aspect of voice and messaging operations.

  • Our architecture

    SONOC’s SIP architecture is fully optimized for international voice and messaging traffic.

  • Premium Voice traffic

    General improvement of the quality of communications included as a feature in our switching and OSS/BSS solution.

Our solution

SONOC’s portfolio includes all the components needed to manage and optimize Voice and Messaging business. The platform is comprised by different types of modules to monitor traffic flows, improve routing, automate rate upload and control fraud.

It ensures the profitability of your voice and messaging services and delivers business intelligence that supports planning, management and optimization.

Thanks to a single automated platform, we make moving beyond legacy technologies and processes simple and fast.

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Why choose the SONOC platform?
  • A comprehensive end to end, flexible platform

    Simple, user-centric and customizable solutions for carriers of all shapes and sizes.

  • Continually evolving and adapting

    Our software is ground-breaking because it was designed by carrier people. New elements can easily be rolled out considering our customers’ needs.

  • Management and intelligence on the go

    Stay in tune of traffic performance in near real-time with SONOC’s mobile application.

  • User-friendly design

    Rapid access to best-in-class solutions with a simple interface, making it easy to optimize your business.