The volume and variety of data that is generated every second in the telecom industry grows exponentially. SONOC applies its deep technical expertise in analytics to transform your raw data into valuable insights to create a competitive advantage and help in the evolution of the business.

We analyze, we predict, you act.

  • Powerful data discovery

    Get the most accurate data in almost real-time.

  • Reduced time to market

    Reduce deployment times and increase pricing flexibility.

  • Connected data applications

    Have a complete picture of your entire business.

  • User-friendly interface and applications

    All our modules are accessible to the user by means of logical and intuitive web user interfaces.

Our Applications
  • Mobile Money Monitoring

    Reporting and fraud control in near real-time of mobile money transactions in your network. Learn more

  • Data Monitoring

    Turn the telecom data into recommendations and revenue growth through advanced analytics and report generation. Learn more

  • Revenue Assurance

    Cutting-edge system to track and verify revenue-generating events from the telecom sector. Learn more

  • Traffic Control

    Telecom data mining for a comprehensive oversight over the national and international telecom traffic flows. Learn more

  • Every 30 days, new features are deployed

    • Updates and new releases included in the cost of the service.
    • SONOC is a partner, always looking to develop new ways to assist your business.
  • Leveraging Open Source solutions

    • Use of commodity hardware.
    • Horizontal scalability in processing and storage layers.
    • Artificial Intelligence for anomaly detection and clustering of data points.
  • Benefits

    • Reporting and fraud control in near real-time.
    • Visibility over data usage in the network for technical and marketing insights.
    • Real-time telecom traffic measurement for critical purposes.