Traditional vendor approach is in decline. Agile technical partners provide value to compete in the Internet age. Networks are increasingly dynamic. Solutions need to be ready to adapt in a matter of days instead of months or years and at a reasonable cost. In a sector that depends so deeply on data and information, accuracy, anticipation and immediate results are a must.

SONOC’s Analytics are a combination of value-added solutions aimed to detect, prevent and manage risks in real time.

  • Powerful data discovery

    Get the most accurate data in almost real-time.

  • Reduced time to market

    Reduce deployment times and increase pricing flexibility.

  • Connected data applications

    Have a complete picture of your entire business.

  • User-friendly interface and applications

    All of the modules that compose the solution are accessible to the user by means of logical, and intuitive Web User Interfaces.

Our Applications

We offer valuable insights by gathering transactional data from all of your business applications.

  • Mobile Money Monitoring

    We have created a platform to oversee mobile money transactions by offering monitoring, measurement, real-time data collection and processing capabilities. This solution allows users to closely monitor the mobile money market evolution together with reporting and fraud prevention in near-real time for all the mobile money transactions by the operators and its distributors networks.

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  • Revenue Assurance

    With analytics in near real-time at the center, SONOC has developed a solution to monitor activities, profile customers, control revenue and prevent losses by generating reports analyzing customer's data on all transactions generated by each user. Our application provides full visibility of all revenue generated by the entire spectrum of telecom services, including Top ups, bundles, SMS, Data, Voice and Messaging.

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  • Data Monitoring

    Today, secure, complete, accurate and actionable data is essential for a variety of services and purposes. SONOC has focused its team on using advanced analytic techniques to develop a solution that consists of an essential and non-intrusive monitoring tool that provides complete visibility of data traffic in near real-time. Our application is designed to turn the telecom data into strategic recommendations resulting in revenue growth using advanced analytics and reports generated showing how the data is being used in the network.

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  • Traffic Control

    SONOC has developed a powerful, interactive web-based application that helps manage the traffic information coming from all agents in your network. A multi-gateway, non-intrusive monitoring solution of national and international interconnections that gathers, transmits, consolidates and processes the voice signalling messages from the networks and provides a comprehensive, near real-time visibility into the traffic flows and the various related parameters.

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  • Every 30 days, new features/functionality are deployed

    • Updates and new releases included in the cost of the Service.
    • SONOC is a partner, always looking to develop new ways to assist your business.
  • Leveraging Open Source solutions

    • Use of commodity hardware.
    • Horizontal scalability in processing and storage layers.
    • Artificial Intelligence for anomaly detection and clustering of data points.
  • Benefits

    • Reporting & fraud control in real time.
    • 360º view of all user transactions.
    • Visibility over data usage in the network for technical and marketing insights.
    • Real-time telecom traffic measurement for critical purposes.