002Revenue Assurance

Revenue leakage is one of the major issues affecting Telecom companies worldwide. In the wake of new challenges brought by interconnection fraud and taking into account the huge volume of transactions generated every second, companies need information in real-time to minimize the impact of leakage flows, while also detecting and possibly predicting the anomalies that are plaguing the industry.

Our technology enables the user to detect the threat as soon as it occurs and starts the reconciliation process immediately. We also use Machine Learning capabilities to set automatic alerts in order to detect incidents as they happen, and we analyze data on user behaviour to ensure everything is billed correctly. Thanks to an intuitive dashboard, our customers have the real picture of the users in their network and can speed up and improve the audit processes.

Features of our solution:

Collect files of raw data directly from the network equipment.

Save the necessary information in a big data NoSQL database.

Extract the revenue information in decoded files.

Create aggregated reports.

Show the reports in a friendly web interface.