002Traffic Control

In today’s market, near real-time traffic measurement for critical purposes is a must for Telcos. Operators throughout the world use our system in order to gain a comprehensive, near real-time visibility into their local and international traffic flows and through various related parameters such as: detailed volumes, carriers, origin, destination, etc.

This tool is a multi-gateway and non-intrusive, national and international interconnection traffic monitoring solution. Furthermore, the system equips the operators with reliable tools that will allow them to improve the efficiency of the mediation process as applied to the interconnections: billing, creation of accurate invoices, mediation, telecom data mining, QoS and fraud detection.

Features of our solution:

Generate CDR files directly from the interfaces in a non-intrusive way.

Support all the voice protocols.

Generate real-time reports of Offnet calls, international incoming and outgoing calls.

Generate invoices for the different type of national and international calls.

Provide periodically a list of fraud numbers that are bypassing the operators.

Generate reports on QoS.