002Mobile Money Monitoring

Ever since smartphones entered the cellphone market, mobile money has seen enormous growth. However, building a profitable mobile money business is not an easy thing to achieve. It requires a set of diverse tools and hard-to-attain capabilities.

When using this service, every deposit, withdrawal, transaction, creates a recorded financial entry. In this regard, controls need to be implemented to ensure ongoing efficiency and monitoring becomes a must in the success of mobile money management.

This is where SONOC offers the necessary tools and technology for the telecommunication operators to oversee and facilitate mobile money services by offering independent auditing and measurement tools.

Features of our solution:

Provides indicators (codes and error messages) related to fraudulent practices (technical and commercial).

Creates automatic and near real-time reporting to highlight transactions by service, by user and by locality or area depending on the type of fraud, in an easy to navigate interface.

Offers a tool to import files of blacklisted people internationally, so as to prevent their access to payment services.

Data Qualification: collection, integration, processing and consolidation of internal and external data sources.

Data Analysis through pattern identification and fraud detection.

Diagnosis, investigation and prevention of fraud.