002Our solution

Voice & Messaging seamlessly integrated in a single platform.

Every module in our solution has to do one thing. It has to do it right. It has to do it fast.

Advanced Routing

Make business decisions in real-time.
Maximize margin/revenue. 
Assure voice quality with automatic or manual routing modes.

Business Dashboard

Traffic management functionality
Optimize network performance and QoS. 
Full view of current and historic data.

Flexible Billing

Bilateral management
Origin-based routing/rating. 
Multi-currency with automatic rate conversion. 
Credit limit monitoring/auto-shut off. 
Automatic invoice generation.

Quality Monitoring

Real-time switch traffic visualization
Quality issue detection and troubleshooting. 
Identify, investigate and solve issues within minutes.

Invoice Reconciliation

Easy processing of invoices
Identify variations and investigate at CDR or summary level. 
Open a dispute with provider/customer and follow through to resolution.

Fraud Control

Monitor traffic in near real-time. 
Identify, control and mitigate sources of revenue loss. 
Stop fraud before it affects your network and revenues.

Built-in SBC and switching

Own switch and essential applications to manage VoIP business. 
Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence to improve your decision making and operations.

Automated Rate Upload

Receive, validate and automatically upload provider rate submissions into the billing platform.
 Notification emails. 
File validation.