SONOC is thrilled to announce that Kinecdid Networks, a leading provider of virtual numbers with more than 15 years of experience in the sector, has agreed to use our Virtual Numbering solution. This step aims to leverage SONOC's cutting-edge virtual numbering platform to enhance Kinecdid Networks' business operations and deliver superior services to its global customer base.

SONOC’s Virtual Numbering Solution is a management tool that enables wholesale and retail customers to efficiently acquire, provision, manage and deliver virtual numbers to wholesale and enterprise customers. The platform revolutionizes the way businesses manage and distribute DID numbers on a global scale.

Kinecdid Networks has selected SONOC's platform to streamline its operations and meet the evolving needs of its customers. "As the growth of CPaaS accelerates, our customers’ ability to access and deploy numbers quickly and efficiently around the globe becomes crucial. SONOC's virtual numbering platform aligns perfectly with our commitment to delivering exceptional telecommunication services to our customers," said Cliff Radziewicz, Founder and CEO of Kinecdid Networks.

With SONOC's platform, Kinecdid Networks can consolidate virtual numbers from multiple sources onto a single management platform, transitioning from a fragmented model to a unified resource for on-demand and cloud-based numbers and services.

"This collaboration exemplifies our commitment to empowering businesses with innovative solutions that optimize their communication strategies,” said Luis Benavente, CEO of SONOC. "We look forward to supporting Kinecdid Networks in achieving its goals and driving exceptional results for its customers'”.

About SONOC:

SONOC is a leading technology solutions provider in the telecommunications sector. Its latest development is an end-to-end management tool for delivering and managing virtual numbers to wholesale and retail customers. SONOC's innovative platform enables efficient provisioning, management, and distribution of virtual phone numbers worldwide. For more information, visit

About Kinecdid Networks:

Kinecdid Networks is an experienced telecommunications company that provides cloud numbering services covering more than 10,000 cities in over 150 countries to service providers and businesses. Founded in 2008, it was a pioneer in delivering reliable and scalable cloud numbering services. Today, Kinecdid Networks empowers its customers to connect and collaborate effortlessly across the globe. To learn more about Kinecdid Networks, visit