Revolutionizing VoIP security and turning challenges into opportunities!

We are happy to announce that SONOC has been shortlisted for the Glomo Awards in the category Best Digital Tech Breakthrough for companies with under $10 million Annual Global Revenue.

This recognition highlights our Flash Call Firewall and its revolutionary architecture, providing real-time protection and monetization while effectively detecting the originators of traffic from the signaling footprint.

In today's interconnected world, safeguarding our real-time communications has never been more critical. With the exponential rise of VoIP calls and the diverse landscape of communication protocols, the demand for innovative and robust security systems is paramount.

Imagine having a digital guardian that not only shields your communications but also possesses the intelligence to detect and monetize them. Welcome to the realm of advanced firewalls powered by machine learning.

These security systems transcend traditional static barriers; they are dynamic sentinels equipped with artificial intelligence to analyze and adapt in real-time. So, how exactly do they achieve this feat? Let's delve into the details.

The power of Machine Learning: Leveraging machine learning algorithms, these firewalls scrutinize traffic from various protocols, enabling them to identify and respond to threats with unprecedented speed and accuracy.

Detecting Traffic Origin: One of the most innovative features is the ability to track the origin of traffic. This means we can detect who is behind those annoying calls or messages, even if they try to hide their identity.

Monetizing security: Here's the intriguing aspect – these firewalls not only safeguard your communications but also present an opportunity to generate revenue. By identifying and billing flash calls, they offer a unique avenue for operators to enhance their revenue streams.

The future of VoIP Communications Security: In summary, machine learning-powered firewalls represent the future of security in VoIP communications. With their ability to adapt and learn in real-time, they offer advanced protection without sacrificing efficiency or originality.

In a landscape where security and innovation are inseparable, these firewalls emerge as true digital guardians, safeguarding our communications and empowering us to thrive in today's interconnected world.