SONOC enables the STIR/SHAKEN framework for US carriers.

Illegal robocalls are a problem that impacts local and global services providers as well as people on their daily lives. Just in the US, Americans received 46 billion robocalls in 2020, according to YouMail.

The STIR/SHAKEN framework is new US telecommunication industry standard designed to reduce unlawful traffic. This protocol works to prevent scam and spam callers from spoofing their number.

Over the years, consumers have increasingly demanded protection from unwanted calls and spam. STIR/SHAKEN is a carrier-based Caller ID authentication standard that helps verify that a call actually comes from the number displayed on the called device.

In support of the industry's efforts to mandate STIR/SHAKEN for all IP traffic, SONOC has implemented this technology to help ensure our US customer's calls are compliant. This feature is now an integral part of SONOC's suite of products, and provided to our customers as part of their solution.

Combining this technology with our anti-fraud tools, we can proactively monitor traffic streams and respond to fraud threats in our customer's network. By building call authentication into our solution, Carriers can choose to improve calling experience with no extra effort needed on their part.