SONOC DID Manager gives customers full control of their DID numbers with a seamless user interface (UI) via its on-demand, API-enabled platform. 

SONOC, a global innovator in voice and messaging management, has launched SONOC DID Manager, its Direct Inward Dialing (DID) Management tool to enable customers to expand their footprint with a local presence of DID numbers. The comprehensive end-to-end management tool is an advanced web portal for provisioning and configuration of virtual numbers straight from the cloud.

Users can access numerous services including number ordering, reporting, SIP trunk management, invoicing, SMS connection, number portability and user management all integrated into a single, user-friendly platform. The SONOC DID Manager comes ready to integrate into any business’s applications with its RESTful APIs.

“SONOC’s DID Manager makes it fast and simple to purchase a DID number, drive calls to a specific location and assign that number to any device in the world. Our platform is ready for public and private cloud deployments, although our solutions team is ready to provide hosted or private server installations to accommodate a wider portfolio of customers,” said Craig Phillips, VP of Product Management at SONOC. “The growing voice and messaging market means more and more businesses need access to a simple and efficient management tool that will not take up valuable resources. SONOC DID Manager makes DID forwarding, Inbound DID and SIP trunking accessible to all types of customers giving a worldwide local presence.”

The DID Manager tool removes the complexities from DID, with immediate access to an expanding ecosystem of numbers. Wholesale and retail customers can access a complete, scalable solution which encompasses a large DID inventory, DID support unlimited concurrent calls, porting of existing phone numbers, fully redundant secure
private network, 24/7 network support, adaptable pricing options and a user-friendly portal to manage all DIDs.


“SONOC DID Manager has been designed to be a solution that presents all the capabilities needed to serve demand in the growing DID market. Users have everything they need at their fingertips to add DID technology to their service offering,” said Luis Benavente, CEO at SONOC. With RESTful API technology, users can take full control of the tool and purchase and manage DID’s directly from their platform inventory.”

SONOC makes complex telecoms transactions seamless and simple to manage by taking advantage of evolving technology and developing software driven solutions to improve business efficiencies. SONOC helps tier 1 carriers, regional carriers, and Mobile Network Operators to evolve and adapt to our ever-changing industry.

About us

SONOC is an innovative telecommunications solutions provider offering a single customizable platform that integrates the capabilities of the operator needs into a cohesive solution tailored to its customers. From cloud-based SBC and switching infrastructure to OSS/BSS and fraud management systems, SONOC removes the complexity from voice and messaging business and puts operators in control of their traffic with new visibility, management and optimization. SONOC makes it simple for businesses to transform and amplify their potential in a new era of telecom.